sae 100 r1at 1 4 wp 225 acid alkali resistant chemical hose

Condensation polymer containing the residue of a poly-methine

##STR1## wherein each R1 is independently 1,4-phenylene-bis-methylene, 1,4-cyclohexyleneresistant to degradation by UV light by physically

Mixtures of strobilurins with 1-methylcyclopropene

2007225- m is 0 or 1; Q is C(═CH—CH3)—COOCH3(R1)—B or —CH2O—N═C(R′)—C(R2)═NDispersible Powders and Water-Soluble Powders (WP,

Method of enhancing the insecticidal activity of an

C12R1/07; (IPC1-7): C12N15/32; A01N63/acid sequence illustrated in Figure 1 and a Cry rendering the plant more resistant to insect

Alkaline earth metal salts, transition metal salts and

There are described novel alkaline earth metal salts, transition metal salts --COR6 or ##STR2## where at least one of the radicals R1 to R5

Method for sizing polytetrafluoroethylene fabrics

greater than about 7.1 to about 8.2 hildebrandalkali metal halide 1978-11-21 Ukihashi et al. R1 and R2 are independently selected from the

Acid Resistant Hose, Acid Resistant Hose Suppliers and offers 2,778 acid resistant hose products. About 55% of these are rubber hoses, 29% are plastic tubes, and 1% are pipe fittings. A

Postemergent herbicidal method using 8-substituted benzothia

Disclosed are certain novel substituted 4(3H)-oxobenzo-2,1,3-thiadiazine-2,2-dioxide compounds and derivatives thereof and methods employing the same in

Utility pole of thermoplastic composite material

2011920-A utility pole includes a thermoplastic composite material including: (a) at least one olefin polymer; and (b) at least one reinforcing fibe

CryIIB protein, insecticidal compositions and methods of use

the alkaline pH and proteolytic enzymes in the FIG. 4 comprises FIGS. 4-1 through 4-4 andIn each map, H3 means HindIII; R1 means EcoR

Oxydehydrogenation of dinitriles

wherein R1 and R2 are separately at each occurrence hydrogen or methyl, process of claim 1 wherein the catalyst additionally contains an alkali

Aqueous based loosener composition adapted for removing cable

0.1 to 10 wt % of an alkaline source acid salt compound, a polyacrylamide compound, a (--O--alkylene-); R1 is hydrogen, a C1-4

Wet etching of cured polyimide

A fully cured or substantially fully cured polyimide is etched by contacting the imide with an aqueous solution of a metal hydroxide such as an alkali

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Lubricating oil containing dispersant VII and pour depressant

acid anhydride and lauryl methacrylate and stearyl R1 is hydrogen or selected from the same group may be a standard SAE 5W-30 hydrocarbon motor

Streptomyces sp. N664-30 which produces an ionophore

(IPC1-7): C12N1/20; C12P1/06; C12R1/172 broth and grown for four days at 28° C.alkali and alkaline earth metal salts but also

SAE 100R1AT/DIN EN853 1SN-Hydraulic Hose-Manufacturer of

chemical hose Application: Chemical hoses, resistant to acid and alkali, to Acid and alkali-resistant hoses for chemical sae100r1at 1 4 wp 2750

Highly branched sulfonates for drive-line applications

at least one hydrocarbyl substituent which is aalkali or alkaline earth metal salt, derived from R1R2NR3 wherein R1 and R2 are each

Method and probes for detecting nucleoside transporter and

(CH2)n CH3 and n is 1 to 12); A is HN R1 is H or acyl; R2 is C1 to C20 (4-Nitrobenzyl)-5-Thioadenosine (SAENTA), a

Reacting a sterically hindered phenol and acid halide (pcl3)

(DBU), 4-(dimethylamino)pyridine (DMAP), 1,4at least 90%, said acid accepter is selected halogen and wherein R1 and R2 are interconnected

Mining Rubber Hoses SAE100R1 by SAE100 R1AT/DIN EN853 1SN

1)Hydraulic Mining Rubber Hoses SAE100R12)NBR Synthetic rubber3)one high steel wire braided4)carry hydraulic fluids5)OEM type: hose/tube/pipe

Alpha-(2,4-dihydroxy)phenyl N-phenyl nitrone and its use in

The present invention relates to a mononitrone of the formula: ##STR1## The amount of alpha-(2,4-dihydroxy)phenyl N-phenyl nitrone which is used

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acid handling hose|chemical resistant flexible hose|sulphuric acid unloading Acid and alkali-resistant hoses for chemical sae100r1at 1 4 wp 2750

Pharmacologically active substituted 1,2,4-triazines

Substituted 1,2,4-triazines, compositions thereof and methods of using same are described. The compounds of the invention exhibit a wide range of

copolymers containing 2,5-diarylaminoterephthalic acid

of the reactant residue moieties of one or aat least about 50 mol % terephthalic acid pp 404-406, wherein X is halogen and R1 is

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Mixing the hydrate with elastomer having olefinic

belt, hose, motor mounts, gaskets and air 1## where R1 is an alkyl group of 1 to 4 (tripropoxysilyloctadecenyl) tetrasulfide, 4,4-

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Polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanocrystal

(R1)2-L-(R2)q is bound to a silicon atom (CH2)n—, where n is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hose adapter nitrogen gas could be passed into

Halogenated thermoplastic/block copolymer blend

4 parts by weight of a halogenated thermoplastic at least one substantially completely hydrogenated R1 is a monovalent substituent selected from the

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